large black mongo snapback hat for big heads


1. What type of hat is best for a large heads?
Trucker hats are often considered suitable for individuals with larger heads for a few reasons:

Deep Crown: Trucker hats typically have a deeper crown compared to other styles, providing more room for a larger head without appearing too small or tight.

Adjustable Snapback Closure: Many trucker hats come with a snapback closure, allowing for easy adjustment to fit different head sizes. This adjustable strap accommodates larger heads, providing a secure yet comfortable fit.
Trucker hats are known for their casual and relaxed style. This often translates to a looser fit, making them well-suited for individuals with larger heads who may find other hat styles too tight or restrictive.

2. What size head do Mongo hats fit? Will my big head fit?
Discover unparalleled comfort and style with Mongo's extra-large snapback hats—crafted to be the ultimate choice for those with bigger heads. If you typically wear a fitted hat size ranging from 7 1/2 (60cm) to 8 1/4 (66cm), you'll find an ideal fit with Mongo hats. Unsure of your big head hat size? Download our printable size tape and accurately measure your head. Ensure your print settings are at 100% scale before printing, and follow the step-by-step instructions on the size chart.

For those without access to a printer, measuring your head is a breeze. Simply use a string, encircle your head just above your ears, cut the string, and measure it. Mongo's big hats are designed for individuals with head sizes ranging from 60 cm to 66 cm, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique needs. Elevate your hat game with Mongo—where comfort and style unite for those with larger-than-life heads.

3. Why are some heads big and some heads small?
The size of an individual's head is primarily influenced by genetic factors. Genetic instructions play a crucial role in determining the growth and development of various body parts, including the head.

It's essential to note that there is a wide range of normal variation in head sizes, and what might be considered a "big" or "small" head can be relative and within the normal spectrum. Additionally, cultural perceptions and aesthetic preferences can also influence how head size is perceived.

4. What’s the difference between different fits—low profile, mid profile, high profile caps?
The terms "low profile," "mid profile," and "high profile" refer to the shape and height of the crown (the part that covers the top of the head) in hats, particularly baseball caps. These variations in profile can affect the overall look and fit of the cap. Here's an overview of each:

Low Profile:

  • Crown Height: Low profile caps have a shorter crown height, meaning the distance from the bottom of the cap to the top is smaller.
  • Fit: They sit closer to the head and have a more relaxed, less structured appearance.
  • Style: Low profile caps often have a more modern and casual look. They are favored for a more laid-back, understated style.

Mid Profile:

  • Crown Height: Mid profile caps have a crown height that falls between low and high profile. It's a moderate height, providing a balance between a fitted look and some structure.
  • Fit: Mid profile caps offer a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. They provide a good compromise between a sporty and a more traditional cap look.
  • Style: This profile is versatile and suitable for various styles, making it a popular choice for everyday wear.

High Profile:

  • Crown Height: High profile caps have a taller crown height, giving them a more prominent and structured appearance.
  • Fit: They typically have a roomier fit and provide more space between the top of the head and the cap.
  • Style: High profile caps are often associated with a more classic or traditional look. They can be popular in certain sports or outdoor activities.

5. What’s the difference between a trucker hat and a dad hat?
Dad hats are characterized by their relaxed and unstructured fit. They typically have a slightly curved brim and a low-profile crown. Dad hats are often made of soft, comfortable materials like cotton or canvas.

Trucker hats have a distinct style with a structured front panel that is usually higher and more rigid than that of a dad hat. The structured front panel also provides more room and height in the crown. This can be beneficial for those with larger heads, as it helps prevent the hat from sitting too snugly on the head.

6. What’s the difference between a fitted hat and a snapback hat?
Fitted hats and snapback hats are two different styles of headwear, primarily distinguished by their closures and the way they adjust to fit different head sizes.

Fitted Hat:

  • Closure: Fitted hats have a closed back with no adjustable closure. Instead, they come in specific sizes (such as 7 1/4, 7 3/8, etc.) and are designed to fit snugly on the head without the need for adjustments.
  • Material: Fitted hats are typically made with a stretchy material like spandex, which allows the hat to conform to different head sizes within a specific range.

Snapback Hat:

  • Closure: Snapback hats have an adjustable closure at the back consisting of plastic snaps (usually two or more) that can be snapped into different positions. This allows for a customizable fit, making snapback hats more versatile in terms of adjusting to various head sizes.
  • Material: Snapback hats can be made from various materials, and they often have a structured front panel.

Here are a few key differences between the two:

  • Adjustability: Fitted hats are not adjustable and are designed to fit a specific head size precisely. In contrast, snapback hats provide flexibility and can be adjusted to different sizes, making them suitable for a wider range of people.
  • Style: Fitted hats typically have a cleaner and more streamlined look without the adjustable strap or snaps, offering a more tailored appearance. Snapback hats, on the other hand, often have a more casual and sporty look.
  • Comfort: Fitted hats may provide a snug fit but might be less forgiving if your head size changes slightly. Snapback hats offer more room for adjustment, making them potentially more comfortable for individuals with fluctuating head sizes.

Ultimately, the choice between a fitted hat and a snapback hat comes down to personal preference, style, and the level of adjustability you prefer.

7. How do I find my hat size?
Finding your hat size is a simple process that involves measuring the circumference of your head. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you determine your head size.

8. What’s the average head size? Do I have a big head? Do I need a hat for my large head?
The average head size varies among individuals and populations, but it's commonly measured in terms of hat size or circumference. The average adult head size is typically around 21 to 23 inches in circumference. If you fall within this range, you likely have an average-sized head.

If your head circumference is larger than the average, you may be considered to have a larger head. It's not necessarily an issue, as head sizes can vary widely, and what matters most is finding a hat that fits comfortably and suits your style.

If you find that standard-sized hats are too tight or uncomfortable, or if you consistently measure above the average head size range, you may benefit from a hat designed for larger heads. Brands often offer hats with various size options, including those specifically crafted for larger head sizes. In such cases, you might want to look for hats labeled as "big head," "XL," or those with specific size measurements that align with your head circumference.

Ultimately, the need for a hat for a large head is subjective and based on personal comfort. If you feel that standard-sized hats are not providing the right fit, exploring hats designed for larger heads could enhance your comfort and style.

9. What’s the best brand for big hats for large heads?
Mongo Headwear is the best brand for big heads because they create hats specifically designed for large heads. Their extra large performance trucker hats and extra large foam trucker hats are designed to comfortably fit XL to XXL heads.
Unlike other hat brands, Mongo hats are constructed with premium, durable fabrics and have added style details to help you stand out from the crowd.

10. What’s the difference between a Medium and Large hat and XL - XXL Hat?

The main difference between a normal or standard snapback hat and an XL (extra-large) hat lies in the size and fit. XL hats are specifically designed to accommodate larger head sizes, providing a more comfortable and secure fit for individuals with heads that fall outside the standard size range. Here are some key distinctions:

Size Range:

  • Normal/Standard Snapback Hat: These hats typically come in a standard, one-size-fits-most design. The adjustable snapback closure allows for some size adjustment, but it may not be sufficient for individuals with larger heads. Most standard snapbacks extend to only 60cm.
  • XL Hat: XL hats are designed to cater to larger head sizes. They often come in specific size measurements, such as XL or XXL, and are crafted to provide a more generous fit. Mongo Headwear are 62cm when fully snapped when fully snapped and can be extended from there, providing an XL - XXL fit for large heads.

Circumference and Crown Height:

  • Normal/Standard Snapback Hat: The size range for standard snapback hats may be limited, and individuals with larger heads may find that these hats are too tight or have a higher crown that doesn't sit comfortably.
  • XL Hat: Extra-large hats typically have a larger circumference and may feature a design with a higher crown to accommodate the specific proportions of larger heads.


  • Normal/Standard Snapback Hat: Standard snapback hats have an adjustable snap closure, but the adjustment may not be enough for individuals with significantly larger heads. Standard snapbacks only extend to 60cm.
  • XL Hat: XL hats may also have an adjustable closure, but they are designed to offer a more extensive range of adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit for larger head sizes.  Mongo Headwear can be extended from 62m to 68cm.
  • are 62cm when fully snapped when fully snapped and can be extended from there, providing an XL - XXL fit for large heads.

If you have a larger head and find that standard snapback hats are too tight or uncomfortable, opting for an XL hat can provide a better fit and enhanced comfort. Many brands offer XL or big head options in their hat collections to cater to a diverse range of head sizes.